The week that almost wasn’t (P365)

Events and circumstances have caused me to neglect Project 365 this past week.  Carrying a camera and photographing whatever strikes my fancy, however, has become a habit.  Here’s a brief look from the eye of my personal hurricane.


11/3 – I caught Engine 2 and Ladder 2 doing something at the Firehouse Center.  They may have been installing the Christmas lights.

I also note that I need to clean the lens of my camera phone.


11/5 – Helipad at Local Community Hospital after dusk.  I wish I’d had my big Nikon with me to do this one justice.


11/6 – Sunrise.  The (blurry) end of another night shift.


Also 11/6 – DHART 2 on the helipad at LCH.  I had the Nikon this time. . .

(For those who may be concerned based on my previous posts, it wasn’t there for me or anyone I know.)  Things seem to be settling down and looking up here at Mosquito Hill.  Time will tell.

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