Stargazing without a tripod (11/2)


Darkness, points of light

life never goes as you’ve planned

in the end friends count

It’s been an interesting 28 hours or so.  I’d like to publicly thank everyone who has helped us or offered their assistance.  We’ve discovered friends we never knew we had.

It’s looking like we’ll be OK.  If you are a religious type, prayers to the diety of your choice would be much appreciated.  If not, happy thoughts will suffice.

My apologies to the blogosphere for the cryptic post. Some things will simply not be revealed here.  If you know, you know.  If you helped, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

One response to “Stargazing without a tripod (11/2)”

  1. Cryptic posts make life interesting. Happy thoughts to you and yours, with an offer of whatever help a FF/EMT in Maine might be able to provide.


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