Dispatching Pet Peeve #16

The cool nights are finally upon us.  Yesterday it was chimney flues.  Tonight a neighboring FD on one side of me is operating at a chimney fire, and the neighboring FD on the other side is dealing with Dispatching Pet Peeve #16:  Carbon Monoxide.

This one breaks down into two things which annoy me.  First, it’s carbon MONoxide or CO.  It is not CO2.  CO2 is carbon dioxide, which is normally present in the atmosphere.  Every living breathing animal exhales CO2 constantly.  It’s a greenhouse gas (not going there now) and a simple asphyxiant.  In high concentrations it can displace enough oxygen to be fatal, but this does not normally occur in residences, and the general public does not have detectors for it.

Second, the carbon monoxide LEAK.  CO is produced by the fuel burning appliances in my home, and if they are not properly vented it may collect and pose a hazard.  There is no tank or reservoir of carbon monoxide in my house, therefore it cannot leak.

I suppose the important thing is that the dispatchers push the button and get us rolling to deal with the problem.  I just hate it when they make us sound like uneducated fools.

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