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No, I haven’t won one.

I was reading an EMS blog this evening, one which I haven’t frequented much of late.  I noticed a badge declaring it to be a Top EMT Blog 2010 Winner. I clicked the link as I had not heard of this particular award, and I was interested to see who else was honored.

The link brings up a rather plain page with a list of the Top 40 EMS Blogs.  I scanned the list and saw a few with which I’m not familiar.  Then the trouble began.

None of the links were active.  I had to copy and past or type them over.

I immediately recognized two of the links as old favorites which had gone dormant.  One has been dead since November 2009, which makes me wonder how it won a Best of 2010 award.  Heck, my content is better in 2010 than his.  Another which I didn’t recognize leads to a holding page.

Now my suspicions were aroused.  At least one other link leads to an old address for a popular active blog.

But wait!!  There’s a link for badge code, so I can ‘signify [my] acceptance of [my] award to [my] readers.’  All I have to do is cut and paste.

There’s a page explaining an impressive sounding nomination and selection process.  It notes that the results were released on August 17, 2010 (yet three of the blogs are dead?) and explains how I can get started on next year’s award.

BTW, their rigorous selection process for the Top 40 EMS Blogs yielded 45 results.  I guess the moral is that if you receive an ‘award’ from someone you don’t know, you should check them out before accepting it.  I’ll pass on the 2011 nomination, thanks.

One response to “Blog Awards”

  1. I’ve seen that before too. I always get excited at lists of “Top EMS Blogs” because I think I’ll find great new reading material…instead, I’m always disappointed. Often those that win are, as you mentioned, no longer writing or they are people that post once every couple months. While their individual posts may be good…it doesn’t, in my opinion, make them worthy of being a “Top EMS Blog.” Maybe I’m just too picky…


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