Stupid automotive tricks (P365: 9/5-8)

9/5 – This one will probably take more explanation than it’s worth. It was time to do some P.M. on the cars, so I loaded Mrs. Mack505’s Nissan up on the ramps. Her car has a very long, low nose and it will drag on the ramps unless you use the plastic leaders to flatten the slope. It would seem that the retaining pins on one of my leaders are broken:

The front wheels spun and shot the plastic part under the rear wheels.  There was no damage, but it made getting back down to terra firma interesting.


9/6 – The straighten function in my photo software couldn’t help this one.  It’s been a long, hot summer.  I’ve never seen tapers droop like this.

9/7 -Over the years, I’ve had to defend my Benz ownership.  It really is a great little car, and it cost less than a Jeep Grand Cherokee when new.  Still the perception is that you must be rich to own one.  This isn’t helped by my fellow MB owners, a minority of whom insist on regularly doing stupid things with their Benzes.  Case in point, from yesterday:


Yes, that’s a full load of 8-foot 2x4s sticking out the window of a C-class 4Matic.  The other ends of them are hanging out the right front window.  *sigh*

And finally, a peaceful evening for Sebastian:


9/8 – When you gotta nap, you gotta nap.

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