Big Brother may not be watching, but Google is!

[Edit: Google has updated their imagery again, making this post invalid.]

The other day I had occasion to check out my house on Google maps. Much like searching for your name, it’s a good thing to do now and then. Sometimes interesting things can sneak into Street View. I was happy to see that the imagery has been updated this summer. I also noticed that my truck was not in the yard when the photos were taken.  (Sorry, I’m not showing you my house.)

Today I typed in the address of the firehouse to check out the new imagery, and there was my truck in the back yard.

Based on the cars present and they way they were parked, it looked like the satellite caught us on a call. I started searching some of our common routes and call locations, and there we were:

You can clearly see the ambulance and the stretcher. The engine is obscured under the trees. Cool.

Images copyright 2010 Google Maps.