An Old Friend (P365 – 9/1)

Mrs. Mack505 and I are both gearheads.  We’ve enjoyed an interesting fleet of cars in our time together, including a Rabbit, two Celica All-Trac Turbos, a Dodge Dakota, a Saturn, a Rodeo, a Land Rover Discovery (Series 1), two different Mercedes, two GMC Sierras, two Suburbans and a Yukon XL, a VW Cabrio, a Maxima, a Caprice wagon, and a mail Jeep; and those are only the daily drivers.  At one point my favorite NAPA counter guy threw up his hands in exasperation and asked, “Don’t you ever buy anything normal?”

In some form, I’ve regretted selling all but two of them.  I just enjoy cars of all types.  (Well, maybe not minivans.)

My first full-size truck was a 2000 GMC Sierra K1500 extended cab short bed Z71 4×4.  It was an early model which I bought in October 1999, and it was one of the first to have four doors and the 5.3l V-8.  It’s even referenced obliquely in one of my old blog posts.  I sold it prematurely in 2003 when we reorganized the family fleet.

Worse, I traded it locally.  I saw it on the Chevy lot for a while, then it disappeared.  Today in my travels I found this.


Last time I saw her, she had custom exhaust tips and didn’t have the ugly pipe rack.  Enough of the custom details are there for me to be 95% sure it’s her, though.  I’m glad to see she’s still going strong and looking good after almost eleven years.  Except for that rack.

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