Back in the Big Time!

I was doing some blog housekeeping this afternoon, and I discovered that NfMH is once again the top Google search result for “notes on wasting time.”  Go ahead, try it. I’m the top in my field at something!

We’ve also hit the big time this week with comment SPAM.  Just for the record, I’m happy with my current levels of traffic and monetization, I don’t need anything sold by a Russian mail order pharmacy, and all of the blog’s features are working fine.  If you do find something amiss, please contact me via the contact form, not by leaving a comment.  Thankfully Disqus seems to have very accurate filters.

I would like to thank all of the spammers who “found [my] information on this subject very useful and will definitely return.”  Welcome aboard, guys.  I’m glad someone thinks my ramblings are “very informative.”