A week without photos (P365: August 16-21)

Photoblogging was light this week.  In fact, it was nonexistent.  We were out of town at the Big E in Springfield for the Mass Morgan Horse Show.  Internet was limited to what I could access via the iPhone, although I did achieve one text-only post. The fairgrounds did have WiFi, but for $$$.  I tried the free service at the local McDonalds, but we won’t discuss that any further.  As I couldn’t find an access point which was both pleasant and affordable, you’ve had to wait.  So without further ado:


August 16:  I’ve never had a campsite with its own fire hydrant before.


August 17: Breakfast


August 18: Sunset


August 19: Terriers around Town. Beth loved the psychedelic one the most.


August 20:  How could you not love this face?


August 21:  Mrs Mack505, Scotty, and trainer Shawn Amazeen in the winner’s circle.

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