Project 365 – July 18-21


July 18 – Undertow?  What undertow? Last day at the beach for a while.


July 19 – My nemesis.  A while back I converted all of my RC steam locomotives to use one Specktrum DX6 transmitter.  It works great, until it doesn’t.  Then I can’t run anything.  The blown fuse on the motherboard also provided the excuse I needed to open the case and remove the spring on the J-bar ratchet.  (I know, it’s all gibberish.  My steaming buddies will understand.)


July 20 – with the DX6 repaired, it was back out into the yard with Fowler for some evening steaming.  Andy and Scott have added Summerlands Chuffers to their C-21 and Mogul respectively.  I’ve liked the ones I’ve heard before, but these two are LOUD.  Both locos peaked at around 98 dB trackside in full chuff.


July 21 – Not much photogenic today.  Work and rework in the shop today.  The foreground is an IP Engineering coach under assembly, and the rear is one being repaired from my previously botched assembly job.

I need to get out and find more things to photograph and write about, it would seem.

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