Incidents and accidents, hints and allegations

IMG_0971.JPGToday has been the final day of the Farewell Tour. My last shift on the Eastern Front has brought lots of handshakes and well-wishes. Who knows when I’ll be back.

Every shift is somehow memorable, but this one has had compartment doors opening at inopportune times, a minor crash, and a surprisingly nice interaction with one of our regular patients. I may have my doubts about our EMS system in general and my career in particular, but I still enjoy this job.

Now it’s time to hand over the keys for a while.

“Operations, this is Medic 9. We’ve been relieved. Good night and God bless.”

And there’s a cold beer waiting with my name on it.

Author’s note: I originally penned this on my phone during the last hour of Wednesday’s shift. I held it back because I felt it needed work. After a few days’ reflection, I’ve decided to let it stand.