Rescuing Providence

Lt. Morse has a great post up today.  Go, read it. Michael captures a side of life and the job which I try to portray, and he's been doing it longer and better than I. If you don't regularly follow Rescuing Providence, you should.

Notes on Notes

This morning as I was proofreading some previous entries, I realized that I've been improperly captioning things for at least a week.  It's July, not June.  Wishful thinking, perhaps. I'm left wondering if no-one noticed, or if no-one told me.  (Mrs. Mack505 says she didn't notice.)  They're fixed now. I've also added a new plugin… Continue reading Notes on Notes


The small boy stares in awe, doing what little boys have done at firehouses for over a century. He's had plenty of time to see whatever he wants. He's looked inside all of the compartments and had all of the tools explained to him. He's sat in the engine and pretended to drive the gleaming… Continue reading Ballet