June 24-27


June 24 – As Mrs. Mack505 puts it, the furrmily.  Clockwise from the orange one:  Hal, Noah, Chai, Sebby, and Clara.DSC_6759.JPG

June 25 – the best looking thing at the New England Fire Chiefs’ Show was not for sale.  This is Freeport, ME’s 1939 ALF.IMG_0959.JPG

June 26 – happy dog.


June 27 – Electrotherapy at Seashore Trolley Museum.  This is x-SEPTA PCC #2709.

4 responses to “June 24-27”

  1. On the PCC… that looks like a pretty modern paint scheme for a relatively old vehicle (well, probably relatively new, as far as trolleys go, but you get the point). Was that the scheme used in Philly, or did the museum update it?


  2. The PCC was built in 1947. I don't remember when it was retired, but this is the SEPTA paint scheme it wore in it's final days in PA. We were also running a 1918 Stone & Webster Standard from Dallas and a 1926 car from Sydney on Sunday.


  3. Have you been to the Shore Line Trolley Museum in East Haven, CT? One of their cars is CT Transit 500, a (very) luxurious private/executive car. They also have some old NYC subway cars out running around. Nothing as fancy as Montreal 2, though (THAT is simply magnificent)


  4. Beautiful truck! Its hard to imagine seeing that on a road going to a fire, back in the day. Sometimes i wish they had modern cameras back in the day. If i could time travel i would just skip back to that era for about a week.


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