Catching Up (P365 – June 12-15)


June 12 – It rained on our parade. Actually it rained just after our parade, but it still dampened the festivities.


June 13 – Beth kicks back in the moonbounce after her party. We entertained most of her Kindergarten class in celebration of the end of the year.


June 14 – Operation Lifesaver pushes the idea that any track could have a train at any time. That was never more true than Monday in Witch City. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a train in this spot before. It’s also the first I’ve seen of the new Pan Am paintjob.


June 15 – This is Eliott. He was born about 4 weeks ago in Dad’s barn. We caught him yesterday and will tame him and find him a safe home through MRFRS. His siblings should be joining him soon. He’s a real sweetheart!