I am not a crane nut

I keep finding the need to restate that fact.  I am a heavy machinery fan though, and cranes make for some interesting machinery.

In the course of my Project 365 travels, I found both of these in the last two days.  In the end I liked  my fog shots better, so they got the nod.  I couldn’t not share these, though.

While searching for good fog photos on the harbor, I found this bad boy at a local marina.  I’ve no idea of the M-designation, but it’s a formidable piece of equipment.  (‘Marine’ refers to the business, whose name and number I’ve removed.)

Just down the road a bit from the 5-ton monster is this deuce-and-a-half, with an aftermarket modification.  I’ve seen it out around town a number of times.  I’m not sure what the owner does with it, or even who he is.

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