Medic 6

I sit enjoying the warm solstice evening, reading a good book in the garage. The city has had no love for us today. A reported diabetic who only wanted a cup of coffee. A morbidly obese patient who called 911 looking for a wheelchair van. A reported overdose in a fast food bathroom. I haven't… Continue reading Medic 6


or "The Joys of Classic Car Ownership, Part 2" No, I haven't added a Gremlin to my collection.  It seems one moved into the Beetle, though. As anticipated, yesterday's commute home was interesting.  It culminated in a complete failure of the turn signals, warning lights, and gas gauge.  When I got home, it was time… Continue reading Gremlins

Catching Up (P365 – June 12-15)

June 12 - It rained on our parade. Actually it rained just after our parade, but it still dampened the festivities. June 13 - Beth kicks back in the moonbounce after her party. We entertained most of her Kindergarten class in celebration of the end of the year. June 14 - Operation Lifesaver pushes the… Continue reading Catching Up (P365 – June 12-15)