Holiday Weekend

I’ve discovered that my self-image is skewed.  All joking aside, I first noticed it years ago.  If I put a hat on my head so that it feels right, it’s turned about 10-15 degrees to the right.  If I straighten it in a mirror, it just doesn’t feel right.  Since I’ve been doing Project 365, I’ve noticed that most of my photos lean slightly to the right.  No matter which camera I use or how hard I try to level it, the images tilt.  Thank goodness iPhoto can fix them quickly.

Anyway, on to the photos.  I hurt myself on Friday and I’m off work on doctor’s orders until Wednesday, so you will be spared interpretive photography of the ambulances.  Of course, this means lots of family.

Thursday, 5/27.  Mrs. Mack505 and I drove the NH coast in the evening.  We couldn’t pass up some great sunset lighting, and I don’t have many good photos of her ride.

Friday, 5/28.  Early morning on the Parker River in Newbury.  Taken from the new Route 1A bridge looking east.

Saturday, 5/29.  Beth has new Betta fish.  They all have names, of course.

Sunday, 5/30.  Sebastian.  I can’t believe he just turned 10.  I remember when he fit in the palm of my hand.

Monday, 5/31.  Beth overlooking the Merrimac River at Moseley Woods in Newburyport.  We scored the Bresnahan Ducks and Minister’s Woodlot letterboxes today, and left one hitchhiker.

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