Balance in the Universe

Wow. I’m almost speechless.

So of course I’ll blog about it.

At the firehouse, we have a photo wall above the kitchen.  Framed poster-sized prints of Engine 4’s 1987 Hahn, Ladder 1’s 1967 ALF, and Engine 3’s 1963 Howe have pride of place. (Only the Hahn is still with us.) The Howe was a department legend in its day, remembered fondly even now.

Just this past Saturday, one of the other members asked if I knew anything about her fate. She was sold to a small town in VT in 1993. They in turn sold her to another local department, and we lost touch. Their roster lists her as retired.

I replied that I didn’t know, and I didn’t really want to know. If I knew her whereabouts, I’d feel the need to save her. I cannot afford the time or money involved in another project, and I couldn’t bear to leave her rotting in some farmer’s field.

Today I logged into Facebook and found this.

Woohoo! She’s safe, still alive, and looks to be in decent condition. I think I’ve found a new friend. Thank you, sir, you have no idea how much this means to me.

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