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I am media’s worst nightmare.

It all started back around 1995 when I was commuting over an hour each way to work, five days a week.  I’ve always hated ‘drive time’ radio.  I have no use for juvenile hosts who play pranks on the unsuspecting public and each other while airing at most six songs per hour.  My carpool buddy got me started on talk radio, and WRKO and WTKK have made my commutes bearable for many years.  Lately the attraction has been fading, though.

I used to say that if someone would simply play music, with perhaps a brief traffic and/or weather report now and then, they’d make a fortune.  One or two local stations have finally done it in recent years, but it’s too little, too late for me.

I rarely listen to FM or AM anymore; I’ve unplugged my Sirius satellite radio and my DirecTV; I’ve even given up my Tivo in favor of extremely basic cable.  You see, thanks to the iPod and the internet, I’ve gone solo.

On the TV front, I use Hulu and the network websites to catch up on the few things I’d like to watch; otherwise it’s back to my childhood to watch things when the networks air them.  I find I simply watch less TV.

In the car, podcasts have taken over my time. I’ve found regular shows covering fire & EMS subjects which interest me; I get my laughs from Click & Clack and Garrison Keillor; and I’ve discovered that news occurs on all seven continents thanks to the BBC.  Did you know that the World Cup trophy is currently touring South Africa, or that the Cubans are encouraging foreign investors to build golf resorts?  If you did, I bet you didn’t learn it from NBC or CNN.

Just this week I’ve started playing with Pandora to stream music to the iPhone, and so far it’s working very well.  Time will tell.

Check out the Podroll links in the sidebar for some interesting listening, and think about joining me.  Stop letting The Man tell you what to watch and listen to!

2 responses to “New Media”

  1. Indeed, BBC world news is a wonderful change of pace from the local daily relatively self-centered drivel.


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