CPR class

I took a CPR class this morning.  I’d forgotten how unintentionally funny the AHA videos are.  There are two scenarios in which ‘EMS’ people (actors in uniform shirts) drop their equipment and run to the collapsed patient.  Bring the equipment, you idiots! And we never run unless something is either chasing us or about to blow up.

Then there is the one outside the hospital where one of the ‘EMTs’ looks at the other and says, “I’ll go inside for help!” and leaves his partner alone with the cardiac arrest!  Nonononono!  Do CPR, put him on the stretcher (the one you left over by the ambulance when you ran over here,) and take him INSIDE to the ER.

Oh well.  It was good for a laugh and I have my new card.

Here’s a couple gems which are not sanctioned by the AHA and are intentionally funny.  Enjoy!

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