What’s wrong with this picture? (P365 – April 17). . .and a bonus

So we went to The Farm today.  The plan was to work on the renovations and stay over in the trailer.  Unfortunately, the furnace in the rig has decided not to work this spring.  It was a raw day, and my one small space heater wasn’t going to cut it.  So we headed home and brought the rig home to get it serviced.


Here’s the challenge: there’s something visibly wrong with the rig in this picture. I’m not referring to the flag or light poles; it’s not an optical illusion issue.  Can anyone spot it?  (Rest assured we made it home safely despite the issue.)

And here’s a bonus:  an LAFD training film on steering from the late 50s/early 60s.  I just love the old Seagrave Anniversary Series and Crown Firecoaches.  There is so much interesting history here which was merely daily life when it was filmed.  Note the firemen riding the back step of the Crowns instead of using the jumpseats, and the Captain standing up to don his gear in the open cab while moving.  If you watch closely around 5:22 you can see one of the 1930s ALF Duplexes.

Watch Part 2 for an interesting Oshkosh.  At the very end it goes sailing by with a fireman riding on a step halfway up the back of the truck.  Innocent times.

Hat tip to Dave Statter.


  1. And for the challenge answer: no towing mirrors. My extensions were left home in the garage, and I couldn't see a thing behind me. Just don't back up, and keep a close eye/ear out for police and emergency vehicles. Most of the trip is highway, so you can stay to the right and just let traffic blow by. (They do that when they see the RV anyway. People think they're slow. I can cruise at [substantially extra legal speed] and people still go out of their way to pass me, then slow down.)


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