The full moon blazes across the ocean in front of us, bathing everything in cool white light. High tide caresses the sea wall; the stairs end directly in seawater. Small waves whisper against the concrete. The radio murmurs, Favorite Dispatcher directing a flurry of activity. We are the last line of defense, balanced on the… Continue reading Peace

Seashore Re-Qual (P365 – April 24)

Beth went with me to Seashore for the annual Requalification.  I'm now certified to drive streetcars at the museum for another year. Beth was very well-behaved.  After the proceedings and a few trolley rides, we wandered around the bus yard.  She was very fascinated, especially by this old Twin Coach bendy-bus.  More photos are here… Continue reading Seashore Re-Qual (P365 – April 24)