Project 365 – March 19

Beth and I rode the Newburyport and Salisbury rail trails this afternoon.  It's only about 4 miles total, but it's perfect for her.  She selected today's shot.  For some reason she was fascinated by the excavators parked at ENPRO and thought it was the coolest thing that the name was painted on their booms.

This is Not the Shot You’re Looking For (P365 – March 16)

This was not supposed to be today's Project 365 shot.  Due to the recent storm and flooding, access to our farm was difficult this morning.  It took four attempts to reach it.  On the third try, I was directly in front of the Raymond, NH firehouse when 41-Engine-4 was dispatched for an exploding television.  (Really.)… Continue reading This is Not the Shot You’re Looking For (P365 – March 16)