Systematic Insanity

Picture the following hypothetical situation: A patient with a medical problem presents himself to the parking valet at a suburban hospital. The valet stand is located immediately outside the Outpatient Department door, within 150 yards of the Emergency entrance. It's less than a two-minute walk to the ER, whether through the building or the parking… Continue reading Systematic Insanity


This week we received the registration renewal for Mrs. Mack505's car. In the message box it says, "If this vehicle is newly acquired it must be inspected within 7 days." Say it with me now: RE-NEW-AL. I'm glad to see all my taxes and fees are employing the Best and Brightest at the Massachusetts Registry… Continue reading RMV FAIL

The Queen

A long, narrow room in an old house. The paneled walls are lined with old photographs and cross-stitch work. A flat screen television seems the only nod to the 21st century. We pass a small kitchen, straight out of the 1950's and just large enough to spin around inside. An oxygen hose snakes out of… Continue reading The Queen