Call for submissions


Notes from Mosquito Hill is proud to host this month’s edition of the Handover EMS Blog Carnival, but I need submisisons!  The deadline is Monday, February 22 at midnight.  I currently have two submissions and one “Eep, I forgot!”

One of the two submissions is from a new blog, so there’s definitely something to anticipate!

I know the EMS blogosphere has been very busy with the Chronicles of EMS lately, leaving us on the back burner.  I’ve been following it with interest, too. But let’s not forget some of the other things that make this community great.

In keeping with the season, this month’s theme is “Passion,” but with a slight twist. Of course there is the obvious meaning: please send me stories of situations where the patient’s passion, or your own, was the focus of the situation.

Here’s the twist:

For the open submisison section, I want to see your best passionate writing. Some of my favorite medical blogs are incredibly well-written and evocative. The subjects may sometimes be mundane, but the storytelling can be exquisite. It’s obivous that the writers are passionate about their subjects. For a few examples, check out Epi-Junky, Siren Voices, Trauma Queen, or my own ‘best-of’ tag.

Let’s see the the best you have to offer, regardless of the subject!

Questions, comments, and of course submissions can be sent via the contact link. Deadline February 22, 2010.

Mack505, out.

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