Cognitive Dissonance

I’m a child of the 80’s.  I spent my formative teenage years listening to pop on the radio.  My tastes were never much harder than the occasional Def Leppard.

(Random side note:  My first car, a VW Rabbit, had no tape deck when I bought it.  Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” was on the Top Five at Nine every night that first summer.  I listened to it on the way home from work.  Every night.  Yet for some strange reason I still like it.)

Anyway, as time has passed my musical tastes have broadened and hardened.  Bob Seger, Bryan Adams, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Petra, AC/DC, and Dead Season all coexist peacefully in my iPod now, along with a smattering of Grieg, Tchaikovsky, and the Brian Setzer Orchestra.

So you can imagine my smile when I discovered this:

Rock Sugar.  Journey meets Metallica, Warrant does Bryan Adams, and so forth.  Ozzy and Rick Springfield!  They’ve mixed some of my favorite old tracks in a way designed to make me smile and leave my poor daughter very confused.

Fast forward to me, blasting down the highway in my Sensible Adult Mobile, on my way to do Important Grownup Things, screaming Madonna lyrics at the windshield in my best Ozzy voice.

Go buy the CD– they deserve a few bucks for thinking this up!

Hat tip to AD.

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