I’m not overweight, I’m overequipped (Project 365 – February 12)

To continue another meme from a few other bloggers I read:

I’m not overweight, I’m overequipped. Behold, the contents of Mack505’s pockets.

DSC_5761.JPGRight front pocket – headphones, business card holder
Left front pocket – nail clipper, Chapstick, USB thumb drive, Albuterol inhaler, hand sanitizer, pocket knife (currently Schrade X-Timer, sometimes a Kershaw)
Left hip pocket – wallet

Right thigh pocket – documentation quick reference guide, pocket protocol guide, Post-It notepad, shears, credit card holder with EMTP ticket, CPR card, ACLS card, and fire department ID.
Left thigh pocket – Littman stethoscope

Belt – Dakota carabiner watch, pocket flashlight (currently a Coleman LED), glove pouch, key carabiner with 3502 elevator key and Gamewell fire box key, iPhone with Otterbox case and Nite-Ize holster (bonus points if you can identify the podcast!)

Shirt pocket – pen acquired from the UPS store

And of course the sunglasses.  Currently Smith ‘Sequel’s with the orange lenses installed.

For off-duty time, delete both thigh pockets, the flashlight, the pen, and the keys. Add a Motorola Minitor V fire department pager.  Now that it’s all out of my pockets, maybe I should go weigh it.

Edit: 5.2 pounds!


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