Ahhhh! Snow!

The Snowpocalypse is coming! Run to the grocery store and buy all the bread, milk, and batteries you can find! Don’t forget the bottled water, because it might stop coming out of the tap in your house!

Cancel school, because it might snow today. (Not a flake yet, though.)

Non-essential state workers have been asked to stay home. If you’re non-essential today, why are my taxes paying you on other days? Are you essential then?


When did we become wimps? This is New England. It snows in February. Every year. I don’t need to be a weather man to predict that. Suck it up and go to work. Bring your hat, gloves, and snow scraper. Throw some sand in a bucket in the trunk of your car. Bring a shovel if you’re really worried. Maybe even a blanket.

But just do it. Life goes on. RP and I will be busy protecting the Eastern Front from gravitational fluctuations and the dreaded civilization-ending 8” of snow. We’re not heroes. We’re just not afraid of a little weather.

That is all. Stay safe out there.

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