Housekeeping stuff

Well, in case you somehow missed it, I think the move to the new server is mostly complete and functional.  I’m really enjoying the control given by using WordPress and my own hosting.  The new URL is, although you can forward from the old Blogspot address.

The new look has rotating header graphics, a better random post feature, better Twitter and Facebook integration, and a tag cloud. It has a custom template for iPhone/Blackberry/mobile browsers.  It also has better static page support for the About, Mosquito Hill?, and Contact pages.  If you were a subscriber to the old blog either via RSS or email, you will need to resubscribe using the links in the right sidebar.

I tried to register for an easy, short URL, but some squatter thinks it’s worth a ton of money.  That’s not happening.  Instead, you can use for easy-to-remember access in addition to

And don’t worry, I’ll turn the snow off in a few days.

If you find any problems, please drop me a line via the Contact page above.


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