The Car Wash, or three steps to fix the economy

Over the years I've developed three principles in dealing with vendors. Call them Mack505's Rules of Business, if you will. 1. Arrive/be open when you promise. 2. Do what you promise. 3. Get it right the first time. It's that simple: WHEN, WHAT, RIGHT. Vendors who meet the requirements get repeat business and good reviews;… Continue reading The Car Wash, or three steps to fix the economy

The Big Time

Well, I've finally hit the big time here at NfMH. I've started getting comment SPAM. For those of you who do genuinely comment, I appreciate them very much.Comment moderation has been enabled. Hopefully I'll be able to respond to comments in a timely fashion, yet keep the SPAM out.

YouTube is great for wasting time

I have another post cooking, but for now here's a video tidbit to enjoy: from the ramp of our station this morning. Between the ongoing monsoon and a stubborn camera battery, this was the best shot I could get. Newbury Ladder 3 was passing through town en route to a mutual aid assignment in Ipswich.… Continue reading YouTube is great for wasting time