The Spare

Some ambulances you love, and some you hate. Most are just tools of the trade to us, but today I found myself getting a bit sentimental. Maybe it was the view on the way in this morning:



Anyway, we’re driving The Spare. Her seats are ripped, her steering wheel is cracked and not straight, her carpet has holes worn in it, and the red lights in her grille actually droop. She has an odd rattle when idling, and she just looks sad.


She’s had a lot of hard miles pass under her wheels, but she’s still going strong. The mechanical division has kept her running well, and her suspension and brakes still feel solid. She’s got the old 7.3l diesel, which I prefer.


She’s not well loved by the crews. We carry more equipment than she can comfortably store, so her compartments are jumbled and overflowing. She looks like she hasn’t been washed in weeks.


We will be nice to her. We’ll give her a bath, straighten her compartments, and feed her fresh diesel conditioner. Together the three of us will get through this day. Our new rig is due any day now, and then our trusty Spare can go back to Fleet Services for a well-earned rest.


And thus ends my single busiest month of blogging yet. Stay tuned, more to come as time permits.


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