Proof that I need a vacation

I had a dream. Not in the Martin Luther King sense, but the good old “I was asleep” sense.
For background, we have a new private ambulance contract in my town. I’ll call them Company X.

I was at home, riding Engine 68 as a call Lt. We were dispatched to a medical; the patient was having a big Myocardial Infarction (heart attack, for my non-medical readers.) This patient needed to be in the hospital NOW, and Company X wouldn’t send an ambulance.

No excuses, no explanations, no alternatives; just no ambulance. I personally made multiple phone calls from the scene with no luck.

Eventually I called our old service, Company Y. They agreed to help, but could only send Basic Life Support. The BLS unit duly arrived, crewed by two of my friends from Company Z, where I work.

I woke up before they got the patient to the ER, so I don’t know how she fared.

No vacation scheduled until Thanksgiving, and I’m back at work in the morning.

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