Standard disclaimers apply

As noted in the header above, details have been changed in my stories in the interest of patient confidentiality. One of those details is the identifier of the unit(s) involved.

However, recently one of my employers changed their numbering scheme. Overnight, some of my fictional ambulances and paramedic units became ‘real.’ (Ooh, a hint about who he works for. Go ahead, Google. While I don’t mention it I’m not trying to hide.)

So to clarify (or further obfuscate?), while some of the units involved in my posts may have real-world equivalents, the numbers are random and not related. I’m thinking of switching to Ambulance 9/Paramedic 9 for future posts. (A glimpse into his psyche? Why 9?) But then again, for reasons known only to me I can’t use Engine 9, and Happy already uses Engine 99.

I also like the number 68 in homage to a favorite shift of yore. Engine 68? Maybe.

I am, and remain Mack505. (Or am I?)

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