Reciprocation, and perspective

This morning I’ve received my first official outside link. Kal over at accepted my submission for this month’s edition of the Handover Blog Carnival. Read the post, and check out what some other great EMS bloggers are doing. From there you can follow the links to past monthly editions and see some of my inspiration.

It feels wonderful. I imagine this must be somewhat like getting your first magazine article published. Now people other than family members and those looking to install an iPod in their GMC will see my little blog. (You’d be amazed how many hits that one gets.)
In housekeeping notes, for my longer-term readers I hope you enjoy the new look. It was just installed last night.
And finally some notes on perspective for any new readers. I’ve been in EMS for 10 years and the fire service for 20. I’ve served on a fire company in a rural town which is transitioning to a suburban bedroom community. I’ve worked for two private ambulance companies in the neighboring metropolitan area, serving as both an EMT and Paramedic, doing 911/emergency work and routine transfers. What this all means is that stories from my career and life will be told from varied perspectives as a firefighter/lieutenant/EMT/Paramedic riding the Engine/Ladder/Ambulance in a rural/suburban/metro area. Got it? Good. Enjoy.