Reciprocation, and perspective

This morning I've received my first official outside link. Kal over at accepted my submission for this month's edition of the Handover Blog Carnival. Read the post, and check out what some other great EMS bloggers are doing. From there you can follow the links to past monthly editions and see some of my… Continue reading Reciprocation, and perspective


"Ambulance 87, take the response. Maplewood Nursing*, on the second, for shortness of breath." Patrick* and I worked every Tuesday together and had become good friends. He was about my height, but maybe 30% bigger, and he liked to play hockey in his spare time. We lit up and responded out to the Maplewood. Normally… Continue reading LOOOCY!


The room is dark and quiet. The other three patients stir in their corners, startled by our raucous arrival among them. They quickly settle, realizing as we make our way to the fourth bed that it is not their time.Our patient starts awake as we approach. He is small and frail, a mere shadow with… Continue reading Mommy