Last week we headed out to Nashville, IN for Iain and Amber’s wedding. It was a great trip, a nice wedding, and an excuse for Ericka and I to do some of the unusual traveling we enjoy. We took the Amtrak Regional Service BOS to DC, which provided the opportunity for this photo:

From Notes from Mosquito Hill

Then we transferred to the Capitol Limited to Chicago, then rented a car for the drive to Indy. It was the long way around, but the only way to travel. Even with all the time invested, I found it much more enjoyable than the (2) 90 minute flights involved in returning home. (Not only is USeless Airways charging for ANY bag you check, but they’re even demanding cash for the drink cart onboard. A pox on their houses, and Yay! for JetBlue. Anyway. . .)

While in Nashville before the wedding, Ericka, Anita and I took the opportunity to do some letterboxing in Brown County State Park. What a nice park! It did, however, provide this bit of silliness:

From Notes from Mosquito Hill

That’s not an optical illusion, it really looks like that.

Iain and Amber should be happily honeymooning in Hawaii by now, and Anita may have some more shots of the trip.

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