Trains and Speeders

As a friend commented last week, it’s been two weeks of trains interrupted by work. Back on the 17th, we hosted our annual steamup with good attendance.

I’ve been doing lots of work on the speeder, culminating in 3 major runs this past weekend. Thursday was the MEC Mountain Division from Fryeburg to the Portland Water District line in Standish. This wonderful piece of abandoned track has great scenery, but lots of paved crossings. The worst was at the ‘gravel pit,’ where a large section of rail is completely missing. We got through with a bit of work.
Saturday was Day 1 of the 20th Hobo RR Trackcar Meet. It POURED at the safety meeting, and we got off to a wet and dreary start. The car ran well, though, and the weather looked better as we headed south to Weirs Beach. We did run into rain on the return trip, though. We also found out that the roof on our car is not weathertight at all. (Already fixed, I think.)

Sunday was nicer weather for the Tilton-Lakeport-Weirs Beach run, but we ended up on the towbar. The new belt NAPA sold me was slightly too big, and the alternator was slipping and not charging. I managed to change back to the old belt while stopped for the Lakeport drawbridge, and with a quick pop start, we were back in business. Thanks for the tow, Tiny.