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Project 366 – week of 2/11


2/11 – One for me, one for her.  If you’ve been reading the blog for very long you know which is which.



2/12 – Going ‘commando’ at work.  Sweater, that is.  My sweater has been with me since my first winter in EMS those many years ago.  I finally had paramedic and company patches installed on it this past week.

2/13 – coming later.  It’s still in the FM2 right now.


2/14 – More on this later.



2/15 – It’s a miracle!!  (seen randomly on the sidewalk)


I was going to title this “Rants” but I don’t really have the energy in my arguments.  Alas, I’m grumpy today, and two things bothered me in particular.

Firstly in the last two weeks I’ve had some version of this conversation at least six times:

“Good morning.  Iced tea please, large with lemon.”

“What size?”

“Large.” Continue reading

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