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More on sleep

Or perhaps it’s moron sleep?

A recent post over at Life Under the Lights triggered a memory. CK, I would say you were nuts, but I’ve been there.

I have sleep apnea. I suffered with it for years before finally getting diagnosis and treatment. It would probably be more accurate to say that Mrs. Mack505 suffered with it; I do strange things in my sleep-induced hypoxia. When we were newly married I once dreamt that the house was on fire, but the smoke alarms were not sounding. I jumped out of bed, stuffed the sleepy cat under my arm like a football, and made it halfway down the stairs before I awoke.

Wife and cat never let me forget that one, or the weekend I watched a COPS marathon and spent most of Saturday night searching for my Maglite. **sigh**

One night the phone rang at 1AM. It was a police officer friend of mine, on duty at our communications center. “Did you get the fire tones?” he asked.

Umm, what John? You woke me up.

“We’ve been struck by lightning. There’s smoke in the buildng. I toned out the fire department ten minutes ago, but no one has signed on. I think the radio is fried. Did you get the fire tones?”


“Can you drive down to the station and use the backup radio to dispatch everyone? We kind of need you guys up here.”

Umm, hang on. Talk to my wife. Tell her. I shoved the phone at Mrs. Mack505, who listend for a few seconds, then looked at me and said, “Yup, you’re awake. Go do it.”

I will never make an overnight dispatcher.

Sleep, friends, and the World Wide Web

I received an email the other morning from a friend and fellow blogger of some note, asking me to review a draft of an article for publication. I noted that it was received at 02:58. I realized quickly that he is in an earlier time zone than I, and he could in fact have sent it over his morning coffee (tea?).

The first reply, however, was time-stamped 03:07. It was from another friend in a time zone behind me.

And I was reading it in my bunk at work at 04:55 EDT. Ah, the EMS lifestyle. At least I was IN my bunk and not the cab of an Econoline somewhere.

For the record, it looks like a great article. When it’s published I will be sure to link it for your enjoyment.

Proof that I need a vacation

I had a dream. Not in the Martin Luther King sense, but the good old “I was asleep” sense.
For background, we have a new private ambulance contract in my town. I’ll call them Company X.

I was at home, riding Engine 68 as a call Lt. We were dispatched to a medical; the patient was having a big Myocardial Infarction (heart attack, for my non-medical readers.) This patient needed to be in the hospital NOW, and Company X wouldn’t send an ambulance.

No excuses, no explanations, no alternatives; just no ambulance. I personally made multiple phone calls from the scene with no luck.

Eventually I called our old service, Company Y. They agreed to help, but could only send Basic Life Support. The BLS unit duly arrived, crewed by two of my friends from Company Z, where I work.

I woke up before they got the patient to the ER, so I don’t know how she fared.

No vacation scheduled until Thanksgiving, and I’m back at work in the morning.