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Impossible 365 – 010213

The elusive Noah

Polaroid Automatic Land Camera 250, Fuji FP100c, Toshiba electronic flash.

This was my first test of an electronic flash with a pack camera. It worked wonderfully if a bit overexposed. I don't think Noah appreciated it though.

The 250 is my first working pack camera. It was a flea market find which I've converted to use AAA batteries. It's a metal chassis version with a nice large coupled rangefinder. (Though not technically an Impossible film the Fuji FP series are the descendants of the original Polaroid films, so I'm including them in my project.)


The Impossible 365 – 010113


Communications Center, 1/1/13

I'm attempting Project 365 again, this time with instant film. I succeeded with digital in 2010 then had aborted attempts in 2011 and 2012.

Today's shot was taken using a Polaroid One Step Time Zero, the 'Dark Side of the Moon' camera. This particular one was my grandfather's and came with a huge electronic flash.

Film is the new Impossible Project PX70 Color Protection.

DSotM camera with #2351 flash


Out with the old (P366, 1/2/12)

Our parents grew up with the Yankee motto:  “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.”  It has served them well.  In our modern, consumption oriented society though, Mrs Mack505 and I have decided to adopt a different philosophy: “Put it way, give it away, throw it away, or sell it off.”  After 18 years together, we’ve amassed a fair amount of “stuff.”  We’ve both felt for a while that a purge was in order, but it’s finally started this week.

Everything is being evaluated.  If it has a current use, a definite use in the foreseeable future, or sentimental value it stays.  Otherwise it goes in whatever fashion seems most appropriate.  These are the first two truckloads to head for the landfill.  What you can’t see are the bags and boxes of clothes, books, and DVDs inside the cab which are headed for the donation center.  Toys for Tots has already had a decent score.  It’s going to be rough going, but we’ve had big progress.  I hope we can keep it up.

Back to work (P366 1/1)

It has come to my attention that 2012 is a leap year, so welcome to Project 366.

I started the year back at work for 24 hours.  It was a theme day, with multiple overdose calls.  Here’s hoping that’s not the theme for the coming year.

Project 365, 2012 edition

For those who may not have seen it before, the idea behind Project 365 is to document a year of your life using one photo each day. I succeeded with it in 2010 and found it uplifting. 
Let’s see what 2012 will bring.

P365 resumes

8/17 – stalls @ the Big E

8/21 – feeling a bit artsy

8/30 – Second grade!!

9/2 – Seen on the Mass Pike. I’m not sure what it means, but I bet the local fire marshal might find it interesting.

9/3 – Family weekend in Buffalo. You get to see a lot of Beth.

9/4 – Thirty Mile Point, Lake Ontario

9/5 – Medic 9 (but not mine) on the move

9/6 – Saturday I officially become a Soccer Dad

That’s all for now.

Through the eyes of a child

Beth and I spent some time in Boston’s Public Garden and the Back Bay today.  She loved these flowers.  I find them very Seuss-ian.


We strolled down Boylston Street looking for lunch.  Boylston is one of Boston’s fanciest shopping districts; I see expensive stores and well-dressed crowds.  Beth stopped suddenly and pointed up.  “Look, look Dad!  Look!”  It took me a minute to notice this ratty old brownstone being subsumed by stores.


Sadly I’d left my good Nikon at home, but the iPhone takes passable pictures if you are careful.

Cats, kids, and fire engines again

Cat-ching up on some more photos.

5/22 – Chai claims the newest basket in the house.  It’s even cooler than a cardboard box!


6/9 – The best place to be on a hot day is stretched out on a cool floor.


6/8 – We stumbled across this old Revere ladder on the ramp at the Point of Pines firehouse.  It’s a ‘sweetheart grille’ Seagrave, and if memory serves it dates from 1938.  I believe the union is planning to restore it.


Beth insisted on posing with it.  The late afternoon sun makes for a poor expression, though.


Just trying to be a bit artsy.  This Seagrave is old enough that it still has a manual rotation crank.  Elevation and extension are hydraulic, if primitive.  I’d sure love to see this one restored.

The Return of Project 365

I find that I’m missing Project 365. I can’t guarantee that I’ll manage a photo every day, but I intend to start shooting and posting again.

So without further ado. . .


March 13 – In Quarters. . .



March 14 – Making chips on the Sherline mill with Beth.  I’ll learn brass soon, but wood was a safe, easy place to start.



March 16 – None of my cars are complete without a W6 decal.  Now the new TDI is ready to roll.



March 18 – A nice spring day brought on Spring Cleaning at work.  The bays stayed clean for at least 20 minutes.



March 19 – Jasmine takes care of me during an unpleasant day sick in bed.