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5/25 – sunset over Stetson St

5/26 – rabbits & cavies


5/27 – daisy dozer

5/28 – “Escher’s Gorge”



My Minolta Uniomat rangefinder is proving to be a fun find. I won’t give a detailed review here, but simply say I find it well balanced and a pleasure to shoot. It doesn’t allow for as much control as a fully manual camera, but it takes nice shots.

These were shot on expired Tri-X on 5/23.



“Elect Brennan”

“Air Conditioned”



One of the difficulties with a 365 Project is the need for good notes, especially when you don’t keep up with posting.

5/16 “Boardwalk.”


5/17 was a Wordless Wednesday feature.


5/18 “Wyoma afternoon.”

5/19 “Zoo train”


5/20 “low tide”


5/21 “canine photobomb”


5/22 “impossible barn”

5/23 is a separate post

5/16 “heartbreak”


May randomness (P366)


5/8 – In the checkout line, wondering why Nostradamus looks like an angry Sean Connery.


5/9 – Charter Hose No. 1

5/10 – Beth learning to handle a manual TLR, in this case a Super Ricohflex.


5/10 – The Vegetable Garden @ Castle Hill


5/12 – Requiem for a picnic table. This one came into the family around 1975. It had finally rotted to the point of being dangerous. With company due this weekend it was time for it to go. Bring on the chainsaw.


5/14 – cool thrift store find: a Minolta Uniomat. More about this later.


Golf Ball (P366 – 5/1)


In our recent photo travels, Beth and I have noticed a number of found objects stationed on fence posts. I’m not sure if this is coincidence, or if I’m missing out on some sort of meme. This golf ball graced the entrance to Hellcat Swamp at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge last week. It follows on the heels of a shoe and a few mittens we’ve also photographed.

Holga BC135/Ilford HP5+


Light (P366 – April 26)

4/26 – Beth & Cricket. I was experimenting with alternative lighting using a new flash slave adapter. This little $5 gizmo fires its flash when it sees another flash fire. It has lots of possibilities, and I highly recommend picking one up.

4/28 – First day with the new (to me) Minolta HiMatic AF2. I drive past this swamp on Route 1 a few times a week. This particular morning the light was calling to me.

Incidentally, the AF2 has become a quick favorite of Beth’s. It has auto focus, auto exposure, and a built-in flash. The flash has to be engaged manually, but the electronics will tell you when it’s needed. It’s a cool little camera for $6 and takes some very nice pictures. She’s on her third roll of film with it. I must confess I like it too.


Foldex 20

One of my recent eBay finds was the Foldex 20. It’s a 620 roll film camera with a folding body and an 86mm fixed focus lens. It takes huge 6×9 cm exposures.


4/24 – Merrimack River. Foldex 20, Portra 160

My first attempts with it could be better. The red window caused a major light leak, and my attempt at re-rolling 120 film could have been better. I also ruined a couple of exposures because the shutter lever is easily bumped from 1/50 to B.

Still, how could you not have fun with this?

4/21 – shot with the Bessamatic on Kodak Gold 400


Trolley Museum

April 21 was requalification day at Seashore Trolley Museum. One weekend every spring, the volunteers descend on Kennebunkport to renew our trolley driver’s licenses.


Picnic Grove

Visitors’ Center



Nikon FM2, 20mm lens, expired Portra 160. If you want it to look like an old picture, shoot with old film.