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Cat, wheel – 012013


Arminta – 1/19/13

aka “Minty,” she's a full sister to our Sebastian and Noah and is named after my great grandmother


Resolution – 1/20/13

Sun 660 Autofocus / PX680 Color Protection

I have a long history with this bicycle. I bought it new in high school after an unfortunate crash totaled my old bike. Though replaced by lighter, more modern bikes, it still lives on as a trainer.

New tires mean I need to spin it up more.



Comparison – 011813


River I – 1/18/13

Polaroid Sun 660 Autofocus / Impossible PX680 Color Protection


River II – 1/18/13

Polaroid Automatic 230 / Fuji FP100c


Friday brought the chance to compare formats and films. These were both taken moments apart, same location. Neither has been post-processed. It's a nice comparison between the two cameras and films.


Alley – 011713


Ramp – 1/16/13
Polaroid SX70 / Impossible PX70 Color Protection
I want to love this camera. It's a marvelous piece of engineering, but I just can't seem to get the exposure right. I will have to keep trying.

Alley – 1/17/13

Polaroid Automatic 230 / Fuji FP3000b

This one had a little issue with tabs. I was able to salvage it, but it created a double exposure effect. My Thursday partner has taken to this project and we spent much of our free time today looking for interesting sights to photograph. Stay tuned.

Waiting – 011513




Polaroid SX70 Model 2 / Impossible PX100 Color Protection

There is a moment every morning when all four crews make shift change. Very rarely we all roll out and hit the streets at once, off to Save Lives and Make a Difference, or at least make a living. It's a wonderful sight and sound.


I confess this one needed a bit of post processing. My little Mint flash bar is great but not up to photographing a large apparatus bay at night.


Weekend – 011213



1/12/13 -First Time on Skis

Polaroid Automatic 230 / Fuji FP3000b

Shawnee Peak, Bridgton, ME. Beth loved it.


1/13/13 – Ai haz a bone!

Polaroid Impulse / Impossible PX680 Silver Shade Nigo green edition

Cricket has been restless & mouthy all day. She has taken every opportunity to forage for things to chew. The solution is a fresh new bone. (She didn't leave that spot for hours.)


Impossible 365 – 011113


Happy Birthday-Eve!
Sun 660 Autofocus / Impossible PX600 Color Protection
Years ago I accidentally created a tradition of bringing home a dozen balloons on someone's birthday. . .


In God We Trust
SX70 / Impossible PX100 Color Protection
I seem to be getting the exposure thing under control.


The Culprits (1)

Part one of the tools for my Impossible 365 Project. Rear row, l to r:

  • Polaroid Impulse, a 600-series thrift store buy for $2. Untested as of yet.
  • SX70 Model 2 – a local Craigslist find. My most expensive Polaroid thus far at $70. White plastic with brown leather.
  • Automatic 250 – my first pack camera, an all-metal flea market find with a huge rangefinder. $25
  • Spectra – a real workhorse. Thrift store, $6. I bought two and sent the other to a friend on Twitter to use.
  • One Step express – my first thrift store find ($6) and my re-entry into instant photography. Beth likes it so much I bought her one identical to it.

Front row, l to r:

  • Sun 600 LMS – the Light Management System. Other than a built-in flash, I'm not sure what this means. Another $6 thrift store find.
  • One Step BC Series – the Polaroid of my youth, an SX70-series box camera on loan from Dad.
  • Time Zero One Step with 2351 flash – the 'Dark Side of the Moon' camera. This one belonged to Gramp and was a Christmas gift from my parents.
  • Sun 660 Autofocus – A bargain! My most recent thrift store find at only $3.99
Shot on Fuji FP3000B with my other Christmas Polaroid, an Automatic 230 pack camera. Dad bought my (his) 230 with his cash bonus upon discharge from the army in 1967. It's similar in features to the 250 but has a plastic chassis and a smaller rangefinder with separate viewing and focusing windows. I've constructed a 'Franken-battery' to allow use of AAA batteries without permanent modifications to the camera.

Impossibly Impossible – 010513

It's cold, and my cameras don't want to play. The Automatic 250 has decided to randomly stop firing its shutter. I did get a couple successful shots, then the tabs on the film began to rip improperly and get out of sequence.

Foster Towers, 1/4/13

When it works, it takes fabulous shots.


Backup this weekend was my trusty Spectra loaded with Impossible PZ Silver Shade. I normally love this film, but today I combined an old pack with the cold weather and had poor results. This is the best of 3 good shots from the pack.

Tower C, Seashore Trolley Museum, 1/5/13