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#PolaroidWeek 2014 – October 21

This week I am participating in Polaroid Week on Flickr and Twitter.  I’ve been itching to shoot with one of my pack cameras anyway. Today I selected the Automatic Land 220 and loaded it with FP100c color film.


My 220 is special in my collection. My grandfather bought it when he retired and took it on vacation. When it came to me it still had a customs inspection sticker from Bermuda on the back.  Of course I’ve preserved it.


The 220 features a plastic lens, the more complicated “scene selector” shutter assembly and a fixed, non-folding rangefinder. I’ve converted mine to use AAA batteries.

The weather wasn’t great today, so I chose the desolation of Hampton Beach in the off-season.

Mystery Machine

Mystery Machine

October at the beach


October at the beach



October 14



I’ve lived within 3 miles of the ocean for my entire life, yet I’ve never owned anything bigger than a canoe.  Today was fabulous, so I took my kayak for what will probably be the last run of the season.

3 miles downriver to the Plum Island Sound, 3 miles back.  My arms are killing me but it was worth it.

Click the thumbnail for a bigger panorama: