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Week 42 – SFX200

Back in August I tried my hand at a roll of Ilford SFX200 pseudo-infrared film. I loaded it into my Holga and took it to a horse show at Three County Fairgrounds with a #25 red filter in my pocket. I’m very happy with the results.






201508_Holga_SFX012This last one is my absolute favorite. Red tractor, blue sky.

Camera: Holga 120 GCFN

Film: Ilford SFX200

Developed at home in D76, scanned with Epson v700.

Week 40 – East Side

Week 40 brings me to a partial roll, finishing some Portra in the Mamiyaflex which Mrs. Mack505 started on vacation. We had occasion to be in Providence overnight in November, and the weather was typical Rhode Island fall: cold, gray & wet. It was still wonderful to visit college hill again.


Thayer St bus tunnel


Meeting Street

Camera: Mamiyaflex C2

Lens: 80mm

Film: Portra 400

Developed at home: JOBO processor, Unicolor kit, Epson v700

52 Cameras #88 – Seagull 203-i

IMG_0802.JPG  The Seagull 203-i is a Chinese folding rangefinder of indeterminate age.  I found mine on a recent trip through my local flea market on a sunny Sunday morning.  It features a 75mm/3.5 lens in a 1/300 shutter.  It is the most advanced folding camera I own, with a coupled rangefinder, a hot shoe, and a film advance lever in lieu of a knob.

I wasn’t aware of the 203-i; I didn’t feel I needed one; but once I saw it I had to add it to my collection.  A quick inspection revealed that the shutter fires and the bellows seems light tight.

The 203-i has one especially interesting feature.  A set of folding panels inside the body allow it to be set for 6×6 or 6×4.5 images on 120 film.  This must be done before loading and cannot be changed mid-roll.

My example cost $25.  It came with a ratty leather case.  The film door latch is loose, but it works if you are persistent.  The leatherette is peeling and needs to be redone. I’m looking forward to running a roll of FP4 through it soon.