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The week in review 2.9.13


Impulse Autofocus / Impossible PX680 CP

Retired - 020213

Automatic 250 / FP100c

Horizontal - 020313

Impulse Autofocus / Impossible PX680 CP

WOW! Closed - 020413

WOW! Closed.
Automatic 250 / FP100c
There’s just something about Salisbury Beach in the winter.


Knox Box
Spectra / PZ680
Hand-held long exposure


Spectra / PZ680
Here she is, the source of my angst this week, sporting a freshly shaved spot from her recent vet visit. Jazzy is hard to photograph; as soon as you point a camera at her she charges at you for attention.


Feed me!
Automatic 250 / FP100c / electronic flash

Zen blizzard - 020813

Zen blizzard
Automatic 250 / FP100c
The snow begins in the Zen Garden at Union Hospital


Automatic 250 / FP100c / Vivitar 91 flash
I spent the blizzard at the station. Guess what? It snowed.

Impossible 365 – 011113


Happy Birthday-Eve!
Sun 660 Autofocus / Impossible PX600 Color Protection
Years ago I accidentally created a tradition of bringing home a dozen balloons on someone's birthday. . .


In God We Trust
SX70 / Impossible PX100 Color Protection
I seem to be getting the exposure thing under control.


The Culprits (1)

Part one of the tools for my Impossible 365 Project. Rear row, l to r:

  • Polaroid Impulse, a 600-series thrift store buy for $2. Untested as of yet.
  • SX70 Model 2 – a local Craigslist find. My most expensive Polaroid thus far at $70. White plastic with brown leather.
  • Automatic 250 – my first pack camera, an all-metal flea market find with a huge rangefinder. $25
  • Spectra – a real workhorse. Thrift store, $6. I bought two and sent the other to a friend on Twitter to use.
  • One Step express – my first thrift store find ($6) and my re-entry into instant photography. Beth likes it so much I bought her one identical to it.

Front row, l to r:

  • Sun 600 LMS – the Light Management System. Other than a built-in flash, I'm not sure what this means. Another $6 thrift store find.
  • One Step BC Series – the Polaroid of my youth, an SX70-series box camera on loan from Dad.
  • Time Zero One Step with 2351 flash – the 'Dark Side of the Moon' camera. This one belonged to Gramp and was a Christmas gift from my parents.
  • Sun 660 Autofocus – A bargain! My most recent thrift store find at only $3.99
Shot on Fuji FP3000B with my other Christmas Polaroid, an Automatic 230 pack camera. Dad bought my (his) 230 with his cash bonus upon discharge from the army in 1967. It's similar in features to the 250 but has a plastic chassis and a smaller rangefinder with separate viewing and focusing windows. I've constructed a 'Franken-battery' to allow use of AAA batteries without permanent modifications to the camera.

Impossible 365 – 010213

The elusive Noah

Polaroid Automatic Land Camera 250, Fuji FP100c, Toshiba electronic flash.

This was my first test of an electronic flash with a pack camera. It worked wonderfully if a bit overexposed. I don't think Noah appreciated it though.

The 250 is my first working pack camera. It was a flea market find which I've converted to use AAA batteries. It's a metal chassis version with a nice large coupled rangefinder. (Though not technically an Impossible film the Fuji FP series are the descendants of the original Polaroid films, so I'm including them in my project.)