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Week 48 – Spectra

I recently discovered a stray pack of expired Impossible Silver Shade for my Spectra. I didn’t expect much and thus was pleasantly surprised.

Kiddo & Grampa Warren
This was the only one I had to lighten in post-processing.
Accidental double exposure


I hear the newest Impossible films are getting pretty good. I may need to order a pack or two. The Spectra was fun to work with again.

Week 20 – Surprise!

While I was awaiting the return of my slides from the lab, I grabbed my Polaroid Spectra for a few quick shots.  It had a pack of Impossible B&W which I needed to finish.

Imagine my surprise when these popped out.  I really shouldn’t let cameras sit around with film in them for so long.

Week 21 – Recital

Skipping ahead to the present. . .

This week was Beth’s year-end band concert. She and her classmates did great.

I packed along my SX70 and my Instax Min 90. I figured there wasn’t much point in trying to get shots of her across the crowded auditorium, so I concentrated on portraits.

The SX70 was loaded with expired Impossible PX680 with an ND filter.  I didn’t expect much from the film, but I did get one decent portrait of Ericka and Beth.

The Instax did a more predictable job.

All dressed up
Beth & Jasmine

After the show we always go to the Agawam Diner for pie with friends. Jasmine’s brother Walter had never seen an instant photograph before and was mesmerized by the Instax.


Week 76 -Polaroid Time Zero OneStep


For week 76, I chose the last SX-70 in my collection. This Time Zero OneStep was my grandfather’s. It was cooler than ours because it has the 2359 flash instead of a flashbar.

Unfortunately the 2359 is its primary handicap. It often fails to fire and locks up the camera. Oddly it works fine on my other OneStep, and the Mint flashbar works fine with this camera.

The camera works fine without the flash, though. I loaded a pack of Impossible Silver Frame and took it to the Fairchester Hose Haulers muster this past weekend.

201408 OneStep001
1965 GMC/Sanford
201408 OneStep002
ALF 500 Series
201408 OneStep003
1949 Oshkosh
201408 OneStep004
Business End

Wordless (Thursday)

[pe2-image src=”http://lh5.ggpht.com/-FvEKJlYj5uY/U4cvM8s-mUI/AAAAAAACTao/JKbqP6Ja8yo/s144-o/201405CoolCam001.jpg” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/112559430119460271585/201405292?authkey=Bmz3KY6XKlM#6018831326503672130″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”201405CoolCam001.jpg” ]

Week 56 – Polaroid One Step

On the heels of the success of the SX-70 instant camera, Polaroid needed a mass market offering. Folding SX-70’s were marvels of technology and beauty, but they cost an arm and a leg.

Enter the One Step.  Introduced in 1977, it was a simple rigid-bodied camera using the same integral film technology.  It featured a plastic fixed focus lens, electronic auto exposure, and a socket for a flash bar. Each flash bar featured 10 bulbs to match the 10 exposures in the film pack. The One Step was a snappy dresser, with a black body, white face, and 70’s rainbow accent. It would define the basic shape of a Polaroid for the rest of the company’s history.

One Step on a 600 – shot with the Polaroid Sun 660 Autofocus

Unlike most of my Polaroid collection, this one is a family heirloom. It was our family Polaroid when I was growing up, and my parents made me a gift of it for Christmas a year ago.  One Step cameras were shipped in a few custom badged versions; my BC Series indicates that it came from our local Kmart.

I’ve mentioned before that I have a love/hate relationship with Impossible Project film. I haven’t been able to achieve consistent results in the past, but their latest offering seems almost as good as original Polaroid. It took me a couple of shots to get the exposure adjustment dialed in, but I’m very happy with the results.

Beth and I took the One Step and my Spectra on a trip to Worcester this week. In use, it’s fun and simple. Point, click, picture. My only negative reaction is that like all non-folding Polaroids, it is a bit large and awkward to carry around. Fortunately it’s not very heavy and has a built-in neck strap. I love it, and it produced some of my best Impossible results to date.

Keep Out

Use Other Door

I’m not sure about the bomb, or why it’s pointed in the wrong direction.

No Trespassing



Polaroid 1000 (international version of the One Step) at Camera Wiki

One Step at the Land List

Manual (scroll down)


Polaroid SX70 Model 2 – week 38 results


Shooting with the SX70 was fairly easy. The camera is held at an odd upward angle in order to keep the lens perpendicular to the ground. The split image focus was easy to work with, although it is located near the bottom of the viewfinder instead of in the center.

I soon discovered that even with the ND filter in place I had to set the exposure wheel two clicks toward darken in order to get proper exposures. Occasionally the mirror would lock up and the camera would refuse to fire, but another press of the shutter button would release it. About half of the time it would eject photos with enough violence to toss them completely out of the camera.

It won’t be an everyday shooter for me, but at 41 years old it’s entitled to a few quirks. I had fun with it.

201309_SX70_002 201309_SX70_003201309_SX70_001


A week without photos 2.14.13

I have almost no photos this week, but not for lack of trying. I’ve been shooting an old pack of film in a newly acquired Spectra Pro, and the results are unpublishable. I’m not sure if it’s the camera or the film. I will have to do some testing.

In any event, yesterday I took my trusty 660 Autofocus and a fresh pack of PX680 Color Protection to work.

Downtown Medical
Downtown Medical Center
660 Autofocus / Impossible PX680 Color Protection

The week in review 2.9.13


Impulse Autofocus / Impossible PX680 CP

Retired - 020213

Automatic 250 / FP100c

Horizontal - 020313

Impulse Autofocus / Impossible PX680 CP

WOW! Closed - 020413

WOW! Closed.
Automatic 250 / FP100c
There’s just something about Salisbury Beach in the winter.


Knox Box
Spectra / PZ680
Hand-held long exposure


Spectra / PZ680
Here she is, the source of my angst this week, sporting a freshly shaved spot from her recent vet visit. Jazzy is hard to photograph; as soon as you point a camera at her she charges at you for attention.


Feed me!
Automatic 250 / FP100c / electronic flash

Zen blizzard - 020813

Zen blizzard
Automatic 250 / FP100c
The snow begins in the Zen Garden at Union Hospital


Automatic 250 / FP100c / Vivitar 91 flash
I spent the blizzard at the station. Guess what? It snowed.