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Week 42 – SFX200

Back in August I tried my hand at a roll of Ilford SFX200 pseudo-infrared film. I loaded it into my Holga and took it to a horse show at Three County Fairgrounds with a #25 red filter in my pocket. I’m very happy with the results.






201508_Holga_SFX012This last one is my absolute favorite. Red tractor, blue sky.

Camera: Holga 120 GCFN

Film: Ilford SFX200

Developed at home in D76, scanned with Epson v700.


October 15- The reason for the trip.  Scotty and Mrs. Mack505 finished fourth in their championship at the Morgan Grand Nationals.  He was the highest placed four year old in his finals.DSC_8027.JPG

The hotel staff had fun with Beth’s animals.DSC_8048.JPG

October 16 – Scotty meets Flat Stanley.  Stanley had a whirlwind tour with us, taking in Fryeburg Fair, the Oklahoma National Memorial, the train and fire museums in OKC, and the horse show.  He’s back in Mrs. Harrison’s class now, resting.


A week without photos (P365: August 16-21)

Photoblogging was light this week.  In fact, it was nonexistent.  We were out of town at the Big E in Springfield for the Mass Morgan Horse Show.  Internet was limited to what I could access via the iPhone, although I did achieve one text-only post. The fairgrounds did have WiFi, but for $$$.  I tried the free service at the local McDonalds, but we won’t discuss that any further.  As I couldn’t find an access point which was both pleasant and affordable, you’ve had to wait.  So without further ado:


August 16:  I’ve never had a campsite with its own fire hydrant before.


August 17: Breakfast


August 18: Sunset


August 19: Terriers around Town. Beth loved the psychedelic one the most.


August 20:  How could you not love this face?


August 21:  Mrs Mack505, Scotty, and trainer Shawn Amazeen in the winner’s circle.

Horse Ambulance (P365 – 4/21)


On the way to work I passed the MSPCA/Nevins Farm Equine Ambulance at Dunkin Donuts.  (But not my Dunkin Donuts.)  This is their new, smaller rig.

My co-workers snicker at the concept of a horse ambulance, but I’ve trained with these guys and they are great.  They specialize in injured sport horses, and they carry all sorts of custom equipment for moving a downed horse to a veterinary hospital.  (It’s harder than it sounds.)

I’ve no idea what they were doing in my corner of the world at 0600, but it didn’t seem to be an emergency.