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Instax 90 – Week 71 results

The Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic is a nice little camera that seems smaller than its name.

I found it to be “point& shoot” easy to use. It has two shutter buttons, one on top and one on the front such that one is always in easy reach regardless of the orientation of the camera. The shutter fires quickly with a soft click, and the images are ejected with a soft whir. There is none of the loud drama of an integral Polaroid.

I experimented with the various shooting modes and really enjoyed the double exposure feature. (See Cricket below.) The film develops in a minute or two, and the images do not need to be shielded. Fuji has Impossible beaten on this score.

My jury is still out regarding the neck strap. In general I find them to be a good idea, but this one seemed to be always in the way.

I took a while to warm up to the size and experience of Instax, but I really love the Mini 90.

201407 Instax90_003Beau
201407 Instax90_004Soul of a Dog II
201407 Instax90_005Macro mode
201407 Instax90_002Cruise Night

Week 71 – Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

The newest addition to my collection is the Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic. This latest addition to Fuji's Instax line has a more refined look and better controls than previous Instax models, and it has the advantage of film being available in major discount stores.

It features multiple shooting modes including portrait, sport, landscape, bulb, macro, and double exposure. Flash can also be manually controlled. I've been shooting with it all week and will post as soon as I can scan some images.


Fuji website

They are in production and available from many sources.


52 Cameras – Week 16 – Addendum

I have unintentionally misled you. The results shown for week 16 are the wrong photos. They are in fact from a Holga 135BC, but it was Beth's camera and not mine. I discovered the error when scanning the other rolls from that batch. Here are mine:


First Aid Cache, Tuckerman's Ravine

Tuckerman Ravine trail

Pink Holga



Love that Dirty Water


52 Cameras – Week 13 results – Chinon CM7

Have I mentioned I love this camera? I'm not really sure why. It's not superlative in any way, yet I find it a pleasure to shoot. In the end that's what counts most.

In addition to these examples, my new header image comes from this camera.

Dog is my copilot (and assistant)


I misspoke in my initial post: it was loaded with expired Fuji 200 from the thrift store, not Kodak. A small mistake. . .



52 Cameras – Week 5 Results – Fujica ST605

The ST605 was a nice camera to shoot. Focus was a bit stiff, but it improved with use. The lens is missing its plastic ring to indicate focus distance, so depth of field was always a guess. With a maximum f=16, max shutter speed of 1/700 and 400 ASA film there were some situations in which I had too much light to shoot. Poor planning on my part.

The meter is activated by a button to the right of the lens. This means no inadvertently dead batteries, but it also makes the camera next to impossible to shoot one-handed. I'm sure I would get used to it with use.

Overall the ST605 was a nice camera to shoot. My roll of 36 exposures went very quickly.

Before the recent storms, most of this foundation was covered by sand.

Oceanfront South, Salisbury Beach


Oceanfront South, Salisbury Beach

Tripoli -Joes

Broadway, Salisbury Beach


52 Cameras – Week 5 – Fujica ST605


The Fujica ST605 was a single lens reflex camera introduced by Fuji around 1976. It has an M42 screw mount and an odd top shutter speed of 1/700. The button next to the lens stops the camera down for metering and activates the built in light meter. It features both a hot shoe and a pc flash socket. Mine has a 55mm f2.2 Fujinon lens, and it came with a disintegrating leather case.

I loaded a roll of Portra 400 and took it to Salisbury Beach for lunch.


Camera Wiki

Manual for the delux ST605N from Mike Butkus' OrphanCameras.com



Comparison – 011813


River I – 1/18/13

Polaroid Sun 660 Autofocus / Impossible PX680 Color Protection


River II – 1/18/13

Polaroid Automatic 230 / Fuji FP100c


Friday brought the chance to compare formats and films. These were both taken moments apart, same location. Neither has been post-processed. It's a nice comparison between the two cameras and films.


Weekend – 011213



1/12/13 -First Time on Skis

Polaroid Automatic 230 / Fuji FP3000b

Shawnee Peak, Bridgton, ME. Beth loved it.


1/13/13 – Ai haz a bone!

Polaroid Impulse / Impossible PX680 Silver Shade Nigo green edition

Cricket has been restless & mouthy all day. She has taken every opportunity to forage for things to chew. The solution is a fresh new bone. (She didn't leave that spot for hours.)