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Skipping ahead a bit, this past Sunday was World Pinhole Day. I’m not sure exactly who declared it, but if the Internet says it then it must be true. I read about many pinhole designs and theories before settling on my approach.


I used a Nikon body cap, fitted with a pinhole made from a Diet Coke can. It will fit any of our Nikons, it only cost about $2, and it’s the best use I can think of for a can of Diet Coke.



This is proof of concept from 4/26. Taken with the D70 at 400ASA, 13 seconds.

4/27 – FM2 pinhole, expired Tri-X 400. Handheld long exposure.


4/29 – Another long handheld exposure. FM2/Tri-X
4/30 – The Farm. FM2/Tri-X

5/2 – Obs Deck. FM2 with Tri-X 400. All were home developed.


March of Film – week 1

Most of my pics are back from Old School Photo Lab.  As I was going over them, I realized two of my themes are still in the camera.  I guess we’ll get to see them next week.  Without further ado:

LEFT – Earl sits behind the barn, awaiting snow

Holga 135BC, unknown color film

OLD STUFF – The 1963 Ford/ALF fire engine.

An accidental double exposure with the Holga, but I like it.

HAPPY – I haz a toy!

Cricket with her squirrel.  Finishing up a mystery roll of Kodak Gold 800 in an Olympus Infinity Jr.

VERTICAL – Train station in the snow

TMax 400/Nikon FM2/50mm lens

MOVE – Flag in the wind.


SMILE – It’s snowing!

Tmax 400/Nikon FM2/50mm

FLAME, a modern interpretation.

Tmax 400/Nikon FM2/50mm


My TRAPPED shots and a few other flame attempts are still in the cameras.