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Santa Parade (P365 – 11/28)

On Sunday we took the Mack to Beverly for the annual Santa Claus parade.  Everything ran well, and we had a good time.


The day turned into Mack-a-palooza, with all but one of the anitques and two of the in-service rigs manufactured by Mack.  It’s kind of sad that CF’s are becoming classics, but there are at least two still in service with local departments.


Enjoy the parade:

Wireless-less Wednesday, Another Milestone, and a 365 Update

I did it.  I didn’t realize how often I check my email until I forced myself not to.  I plan to make a habit of Wireless-less Wednesday.

Updating photos:


Overlooked from 11/13, Sebby and Jasmine doing something they rarely do: sharing.


11/21 – Moon over Mercedes.




11/23 – The second milestone for the week.  Nine years ago on Thanksgiving Eve, I took delivery of my baby ‘Benz.  She’s an early 2002, and this is the longest I’ve ever owned any single vehicle.  We rolled out of the dealership and hit the highway straight for Buffalo.    It’s not something I’d recommend in a new car with 6 miles on the odometer, but we made it with no problems.  She’s starting to show a bit of rust and will need to see the body shop when I can afford it.

Where the heck have 9 years gone?

Automotive milestone #1 (P365 – 11/19)

I climbed in my truck last night at lunch, and this was staring back at me:


Take a closer look.


Yes, I was a fan of the TV show many years ago.  In fact it, Melrose Place, and laundry all figure early on in courting Mrs. Mack505.  The universe has cute ways of sending us reminders from time to time.

The milestone isn’t tied to this specific number, but this is the most mileage I’ve ever put on a single vehicle.  I’ve owned vehicles with more, but never purchased new.  It’s still running great and I love it, so 190,000 here we come.

(And there’s another milestone coming up later this week.  No spoilers, though.)

The mystery bagpiper

I pulled up in front of the church to find the hearse and limo already out front.

This was not good. It had been a long overnight shift, but I’d had enough time to change and make it to the church. Or so I thought. Still, I couldn’t miss it. My partner’s father had died, and taking care of our own includes supporting them in their grief.

I parked on a side street and snuck into the back of the mammoth church. The funeral appeared to be winding down. Could I really be that late? I didn’t recognize anyone, but I don’t know any of my partner’s family beyond his wife. That might be them way up in the front pew.

The priest droned on. I’m not familiar with Catholic funerals, but the ending is always the same. After a few prayers and blessings, he addressed the assembled mourners directly, thanking us for celebrating the life of our “beloved father, brother, uncle, and friend Gino.”

Gino?!! I couldn’t remember Partner’s father’s name, but he’s as Irish as they come. Gino O’Shea?!


As the mourners filed out, I thought I was beginning to see what had happened. I kept my countenance somber, shook hands, and offered my condolences for their loss. And I got out as quickly as I could.

Outside, I wasn’t the only one confused. Another friend stood across the busy street in his kilt, prepared to pipe the body out of the church. A quick series of hand signals averted more embarassment.

I finally made it across the street to join him just as the hearse departed. Less than five minutes later, the right hearse arrived and we began the process all over again.

Rest in peace, Gino, whoever you are.



October 13 – My little world traveller.

On one of our flights, the complimentary peanuts came with this warning:  Produced in a facility that processes peanuts and other nuts. I think that’s kind of the point.

Week in Review


October 1 – Fenway stop on the Green Line


October 2 – I wish I’d had a video camera handy for this one.  It was certainly interesting.


October 3 – Deerfield Fair


October 4 – I’ve been working on some renovations for my parents.  This is just scary.


October 5 – Sorry these are out of focus.  The cat just keeps getting darker.


October 6 – Cold and wet, and a very high tide.


October 7 – In the dog house.